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Portal Login

As a valued client, you get a secure, password-protected portal to store and access your important financial documents from anywhere at any time.

Whether you're at work, at home, or on vacation, you always have access to your tax returns, financial work papers, or accounting database.

This portal also allows us to work together efficiently by securely exchanging working documents, scanned receipts, and very large QuickBooks files.

If you would like to set up a Client Login Account, please contact our office at 717-284-2468 or send an email to


Create a Back Up of QB:                                                                               

1.  Go into QB
2.  Click File
3.  Click Backup Company
4.  Click Create Local Backup
5.  Select Local Backup
6.  A Backup Options screen will pop up
7.  Click the Browse button and go to where you want to save the file
8.  Click OK
9.  Click OK
10. Select "Save it now"
11. Click Next
12. Click OK when the backup is finished

 Uploading QB File:

1.  Click on File Exchange icon on top left corner
2.  Click on QB folder
3.  Click on Upload
4.  Click on Add Files
5.  Browse out to the QB backup file on your computer
6.  Click Open
7.  Click Start Upload
There will not be a message of "Successful Upload", the name will appear in the folder on the screen